"God, the Covenants and You"

by Mary Esther Smith Wacaster

Author: Mary Esther Smith Wacaster

Copyright © 2013
R.T. Wacaster & Associates
Publisher and Editor



To the Honor and Glory of the Lord Jehovah

My strength and my Redeemer

To Love is to Honor,
To Honor is to Obey.
To Honor our Lord
Is to walk in His Way.
Mary Esther Smith Wacaster


I feel I can understand how the prophets felt trying to make the people understand the Word Of The Lord! I think I can feel the pain that Jesus had when He tried so hard to make even His disciples understand, and He could only whisper:

Mat 17:17: “Then Jesus answered and said, O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you? how long shall I suffer you?”

Now, some will scoff at me; some will read a part of this document and put it down because it has offended them; but it is my hope and purpose that some will read with open mind and heart all the way through the document and give it some serious thought. Some will say I am not stern enough, and others will say that I am far too liberal while on the other hand, others will say I am too stern and not liberal enough. But it is what I believe and try desperately to live by, and I have tried to convey more understanding to the reader.

And I am only one little old female trying to live out what I have come to understand what the New Testament is trying to enlighten us on. Never did I ever deserve such grace or understanding, but there it is, in my life finally giving me even an ounce of courage, trying to shout out the wonder and mercy of that grace.

The Lord is my Shepherd and I will not fail. He leads me into green refreshing pastures to feed that satisfy. He leads me by the refreshing stillness of living waters. He leads me in His paths of righteousness for His Name’s Sake, and restored my soul, and returned me into His folds.

Although I walk through this valley of death I will not be concerned with evil. His Truth and His Spirit do comfort me! He prepared a table before me in the presence of His enemies, and anointed my head with oil. He filled my cup with the sweetest wine, although at times my cup flows over with sorrow. His goodness and mercy has fulfilled my life; I shall surely dwell with Him forever.

Table Of Contents

About The Author
Chapter One: The Covenants
Chapter Two: The Old Testament
Chapter Three: Our Relationship to God
Chapter Four: The Old Covenant
Chapter Five: Under The Law?
Chapter Six: Learning Faith
Chapter Seven: The New Covenant
Chapter Eight: The Royal Law
Chapter Nine: Experiences and Learning
Chapter Ten: Growing Spiritually
Chapter Eleven: Striving For Perfection
Chapter Twelve: Relationships and Responsibily.
Chapter Thirteen: Walking Worthily
Chapter Fourteen: Learning Faithful Love
Chapter Fifteen: What Is Grace


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